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Irregular Sized Arcturus Woodland Camo Netting
Arcturus Camo

Irregular Sized Arcturus Woodland Camo Netting

Regular price $49.99

This netting did not meet our minimum size standards. Meaning that the length of some of the sides did not meet our stated length. Each side could short by 6"-8". Due to this we are selling this netting at a discount.

For example, a 20' x 20' net could be only 19'6" x 19'7".

The netting itself is the same quality and construction as all of the netting that we sell.

LIGHT WEIGHT LIGHT DUTY: Easy to carry and manipulate. Has structural mesh net backing with rope tabs on corners and sides for easy hanging.

STRUCTURAL MESH BACKSIDE: Can be used as a suspended cover. The structural mesh netting backing provides some tensile strength. The camo netting itself is made from strong polyester material that resists rips and tears.

WOODLAND DESIGN: The woodland green, brown and black camouflage pattern blends into most wooded, forest or grassy brush terrain. Camo pattern is printed on both sides.

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