Desert Camo Netting

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Desert Camouflage Netting

This is standard desert camouflage netting. It is tan on one side and light tan on the other side. This netting will blend in with almost all desert-type conditions.

3-D Leaf Like Foliage
Lightweight (10 feet of netting weighs ≈1.5 pounds)
Strong and Durable yet Compact

Versatile, Many Uses and Applications

Please note, the maximum width is 7 feet 10 inches.
Standard non-stretch width is approximately 6 feet 6 inches.

FEATURES Camo Netting
100% Waterproof (Rot and Mold Resistant) ✔️
UV Treated ✔️
Made with Rip-Stop Material ✔️
Quiet and Rustle Free ✔️
Pliable in Extreme Temperatures ✔️
Reversible Color Combinations ✔️
Treated to Eliminate Shine and Glare ✔️
3D Camo Pattern (versus solid colors on both sides)
Structural Mesh Backing (tough mesh layer for added strength)
Fire Retardant Treatment (passes NFPA70)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sheri B
Dappled Shade

Im trying the less expensive version of the desert camo on my pergola for dappled shade while waiting for the plants to cover the beams. I like the novelty of the idea and the three dimensional look.

Charles Jones
Exceptional service

Wanted to put up vision barrier, the light weight camo netting worked extremely well. I used double layer in some areas, but am still able to look out through the netting

Owen Baughman
Thin but great as a concealment blanket

When used single-ply, these nets are a bit more see-through than I had imagined after shopping them. However, the very 3D and irregular lay of the cut bits chop up whatever is hidden below pretty well. This 'desert' color has no pattern of color on either side, the sides are just slightly different colors. The cut pattern makes it so you see a pattern of colors from either direction when deployed, with the reverse side being slightly darker. I ordered this as well as the "dead duck" color, and fastened them together to have multiple color options to use as a lightweight concealment blanket for waterfowl. The colors looks pretty good outside, not too shiny. Very lightweight and packable. An added benefit of the thinness is that you can easily see through even a double layer of these, to keep track of incoming birds. I have successfully harvested several geese decoying in while hidden under this blanket in so I am quite satisfied.