Camo Nets for Special Events

Need Bulk Netting for Your Event, Restaurant, Concert or Theme Park?

We've become the leader working with commercial clients by being efficient with your time, expediting orders as quickly as possible, and catering to your unique needs in a production, restaurant, or theme park. We understand nets are probably not the centerpiece of your project, so we'll help direct you to what we think will work best and give you some reasonable alternatives so you can quickly return to the next item on your list. 


Check out a few of our recent use cases:

  • Burning Man: Diminish outline of 747 on BLM land
  • LA-Based Events Planner: Use netting as backdrop for Amazon series premier
  • FL-Based Decorator: Use netting as an outdoor shade device for patio seating
  • Google: Cover a commercial hangar to diminish the visual impact to the landscape. 
  • Midwest Events Planning: Desert camouflage netting used as wall cover in museum exhibit
  • Disney: Conceal equipment from guest view
  • Dubai Restaurant: Outdoor patio seating
  • United Arab Emirates Landscape Architecture: Custom snow netting canopy for outdoor sporting field

We've got the logistics covered. 

We have the capacity to ship many items out of the Northwest or Southeast, allowing us to speed up shipping times as much as possible. We can ship swatches or samples of nets next day to give your team a visceral understanding of the types of products you're dealing with. Send us an email with the details of your specific project and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Or, give us a call at (888) 776-6753 so we can discuss the variety of options camouflage nets can provide.

Note: many of our nets are treated with California-approved fire retardant for use indoors.