Desert Military Reinforced Camo Netting [Bulk Roll]

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Desert Military Reinforced Camouflage Netting [Bulk Roll]

This is standard desert camouflage netting, with a lighter tan on one side and darker tan on the opposite side. This netting will blend in with almost all desert and rocky terrain. 

Military Reinforced netting is standard camo netting with a structural mesh net added. This improves the strength of the netting and allows it to span larger areas. The outer edges of the net have a 7mm Paracord perimeter to support the entire net structure. 

Both the Paracord and mesh backing are secured to the net with stainless steel rings for added strength and durability. All 4 corners have strong, Paracord loops which function as attachment points - ideal for hanging or for providing shade cover. Nets can be easily joined together to create larger configurations. 

This bulk roll is 10 ft wide X 99 ft. long and weighs ≈ 36 pounds. 

FEATURES Military Reinforced Camo Netting
100% Waterproof (Rot and Mold Resistant) ✔️
UV Treated ✔️
Made with Rip-Stop Material ✔️
Quiet and Rustle Free ✔️
Pliable in Extreme Temperatures ✔️
Reversible Color Combinations ✔️
Treated to Eliminate Shine and Glare ✔️
3D Camo Pattern (versus solid colors on both sides)
Structural Mesh Backing (tough mesh layer for added strength) ✔️
Fire Retardant Treatment (passes NFPA70)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Julie B

We are very happy with our purchase. The camo netting is made very well out of quality material.

Paul F Wiley
Pretty Decent Quality

The nylon rope that borders entire mesh is strong, and the inner mesh is good quality. I wanted fuller coverage and I needed move cover (more opaque), so I purchase a cheaper brand and placed it on top. This will provide desired coverage and extra UV protection.

Dr. S Asher
10 Starz!

I gave 10 stars, but you can only see 5. Great quality for sure, the best price I found for this, but the customer service and super fast shipping was unexpected. We will be using this 100' net to roll out over our 90 ft greenhouse for summer shade, and to avoid future drone strikes.

Richard Stephens
Easy and Fast!

This arrived yesterday and is perfect for what we are doing. Thank you so much for all your help!