Realtree Max 4 Camouflage Netting

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Realtree Max 4 Camouflage Netting

Realtree Max-4 ® wetlands camo is the culmination of Bill Jordan's years of experience designing and marketing camo patterns. The Max-4 camo design features cattails, mullet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, and a variety of other plant life. The pattern offers maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in in any open terrain—without geographical limitations. It is the largest camo artwork on the market.

Camo Systems Ultra Light Series of Camouflage Netting. The Ultra Light is about 20% lighter than the Pro Series and is not treated with fire retardant.

UV Treated
100% Waterproof
Rot/Mold Resistant
3-D Leaf Like Foliage
Lightweight, Strong and Durable
Quiet and Rustle Free
Treated to Eliminate Shine and Glare
Pliable in Extreme Temperature Ranges
Versatile, Many Uses and Applications