Digital Woodland Military Reinforced Camo Netting

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Digital Woodland Military Camouflage Netting

This is digital woodland camouflage netting. It is digital woodland patterned on one side and solid green on the underside. This netting with blend in almost all woodland and forest type conditions.

Digital camouflage provides natural looking 3D patterns on the face of the net to help break up an object’s outline.

Military Reinforced netting is standard camo netting with a structural mesh net added. This improves the strength of the netting and allows it to span larger areas. The outer edges of the net have a 7mm Paracord perimeter to support the entire net structure. 

Both the Paracord and mesh backing are secured to the net with stainless steel rings for added strength and durability. All 4 corners have strong, Paracord loops which function as attachment points - ideal for hanging or for providing shade cover. Nets can be easily joined together to create larger configurations. 

Available in 10' x 20' size only. Weighs 7.5 pounds.

FEATURES Military Reinforced Digital Camo Netting
100% Waterproof (Rot and Mold Resistant) ✔️
UV Treated ✔️
Made with Rip-Stop Material ✔️
Quiet and Rustle Free ✔️
Pliable in Extreme Temperatures ✔️
Reversible Color Combinations ✔️
Treated to Eliminate Shine and Glare ✔️
3D Camo Pattern (versus solid colors on both sides) ✔️
Structural Mesh Backing (tough mesh layer for added strength) ✔️
Fire Retardant Treatment (passes NFPA70)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
John B
Awesome quality, just as good as the ones we used in the military.

This net is used to camouflage a Conex box on our property, so it’s exposed to the elements 24/7. Works extremely well. It’s very durable, very high quality, and the measurements are actually correct.
It was delivered in two days via FedEx, well packed and in perfect shape.
Very pleased!

Customercooper ellis.
Looks for those in desert probably attract rabbits

Stationary.looks great .

Brian Vice
Shade for the shop

I love this product. I rebuild WW2 weapons and using this for a little shade over my Parkerization area is just cool. Thank you!

Excellent Product and Customer Service

The Digital Woodland Military Reinforced Camouflage Netting is excellent! The colors are appropriate, reinforcement strong, and works as it should. My use is to camouflage a utility trailer for HOA. I had trouble ordering through Apple Pay but Katie researched my issue and assisted in making sure that my order was correct and processed as quickly as possible. Excellent product and customer service.

You get what you pay for.

This netting is good enough quality that you can use it repeatedly, in different applications and the reenforced netting is strong enough to stand up to high winds. The actual netting reenforcing the camo pattern is what makes this net able to stand up to repeated use in woodland, scrub-brush and even desert. If you take care of the net and don't leave it out in the nut for months on end, it should last you for years. Plus, you can add pieces of burlap to the net wish increases the net's effectiveness. Good product.